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Defending against 1.d4

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Your Chess Profile

Ish has been kind enough to give me his copy of Igor Khmelnizky's Chess Exam and Training Guide.  You remember me banging on a couple of years ago about knowing your chess profile, having an idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are?  Well, this book does what I was telling you to do: it gives you a rating for a set of diverse features.  So, if your study of your own games gives you no clues, or you'd like a second opinion, I think you can't do better than this book.

What you see with your mind

"Sight is what you see with your eyes, Vision is what you see with your mind." http://lessons.chessvision. net/

There is a gap between what is under your nose and what you actually notice. It's the gap between what is obvious once your opponent lands a punch and what you did failed to see beforehand...

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Mopping Up

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Chess Quotes

"When Garri Kasparov wrestles with his conscience, he always wins. It's what he's best at."
— Dominic LAWSON