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Lessons in Philidor's Defence


Playing Black against Queen's-Pawn Openings (3): without c2-c4

Playing Black against Queen's-Pawn Openings (2): Semi-Slav and Exchange

Playing Black against Queen's-Pawn Openings (1) Cambridge Springs

No more Old Stodge! (2)

Spanish Torture? The Ruy Lopez

MiddleGame Endings and Endgame Openings

The Ideas behind the English Opening

ECO Opening codes: list with variation names

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Chess and life
"Luzhin, preparing an attack for which it was first necessary to explore a maze of variations, where his every step aroused a perilous echo, begain a long meditation: he needed, it seemed, to make one last prodigious effort and whe would find the secret move leading to victory. Suddenly, something occurred outside his being, a scorching pain - and he let out a loud cry, shaking his hand stung by the flame of a match, which he had lit and forgotten to apply to his cigarette.
— Vladimir NABOKOV, The Defence.