Three results

Playing for three results

Openings Workshop 2010

22nd_June_2010: Openings workshop

The simpler and more specific queries were dealt with first:

Summer Coaching 2010

U14 County Jamboree Games 2010

A friendly match

We were invited to play a friendly match at Seaton.  Two of the games survive whole, one in part:

Our third match

Pretty good guys... getting better every match!  We were within an ace of winning this one... Next time!  In fact, Seaton have generously invited us for a friendly match at their club -- who's interested in going?

  • Board 1
  • Board 2
  • Board 3
  • A bird's eye view of repertoires

    Our Second Match

    Well, another rather lop-side score, but the games certainly weren't lopsided.

    They ain't so big... just tall, that's all

    The games with some comments:

    When and where to attack (Steinitz' accumulation theory)

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    Chess Quotes

    "We perceive after a careful consideration of the evolution of the chess mind that such evolution has gone on, in general, in a way quite similar to that in which it goes on with the individual chess player, only with the latter more rapidly."
    — Richard RETI