What's wrong with club players? An MOT for us all

Overprotection and prophylaxis are all very well, Dave, but what about ordinary players, what do they need? I believe that we don't really know a lot about the chess thinking of ordinary players. There are some things that have been done on amateur games over the years (by de Groot, Euwe/Meiden, Webb, Heisman, Silman, Rubin/Emms and Davies) and there are a set of common beliefs about amateur play, but I think that amateurs are a lot more complex than is often suggested.

Amateurs are more diverse than is given credit for - they often

Blumenfeld's Rule

Just done a quick whizz through the site to patch up all mentions of Blumenfeld's advice (which was passed on by Kotov and Webb in their best known books).  The advice is:

Blumenfeld's rule:

The Canon

Dr. Dave's Canon of Instructional Chess Games

You see the same tired old examples in every instructional book, and all over this website. Why not put them all in a PGN file? You can play along with most of the games on this site from this page or another one. This needs a better index(left), but here they are:
  • Hover mouse over board squares to see extra controls e.g. b2 = toggle autoplay, b5 = search, a5 = repeat last search, f3 = next game, f8 = shortcuts help


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