1955: The Bishop pair

Game Clapp,BW - Bonner,DP, Devon vs.  Somerset, 1955

The Bishop Pair

In a wild game on an open board two Bishops can be irresistible. Here, White's 10th move looks anti-positional, but clears the way for the Bishops. The move had recently been played in another variation of the Winawer by Smyslov or the like. It took my opponent, a former Exeter champion, by surprise, and was probably the turning point of the game. — BWC

French Winawer, 4.  a3

1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 Bb4 4. a3 Bxc3+ 5. bxc3 dxe4 6. Qg4 Nf6 7. Qxg7 Rg8 8. Qh6 c5 9. Bg5 Nbd7


10. dxc5 Rg6 11. Qh4 Qa5 12. Ne2 Nd5 13. Bd2 Qxc5 14. Qxe4 N7f6 15. Qd4 Qc7 16. Nf4 Nxf4 17. Bxf4 Qc6 18. Bd3


18...Nd5 19. Bxg6 Nxf4 20. Bxf7+ Kf8 [20...Kxf7 21. Qxf4+ Ke8 22. Qg3 holds everything] 21. Qxf4 Qxc3+ 22. Ke2 Qxc2+ 23. Kf1 Qd3+ 24. Kg1 e5 25. Bc4+ exf4 26. Bxd3 1-0

[Notes by Brian Clapp]

Chess Quotes

Ask yourself the following question, “Of all the games I have lost recently, what percent were lost because of something I did not know, and what percent were lost due to something I already knew, but were not careful to look for?”