1966: Richard Hall writes:

Richard Hall writes:

I was at Exeter University, reading law, from 1964-1967, The University team was very strong, with myself, B.D. Dabulawicus, M.B. Sage and D.E.Brown all in the same year.

I believe I joined the Exeter City Club for only one year, 1966-67. This was predominantly so that we could enter a strong Exeter team in the National Club Championship. Brian Dabulawicus, Martyn Sage and myself joined together; A.R.B. Thomas was also a member. That year I also won the Devon Championship, beating D.J. Richards in the final, having beaten Andrew Thomas in an earlier round.

Exeter had a very good run in that year, as follows:

1 st Round bye

2 nd Round 6-0 vs. Barnstaple

3 rd Round 3-3 vs. Torbay (won on board count)

4 th Round 31/2 — 21/2 vs. Islington and North London

¼ Final 3-3 vs. Cambridge Univ. (won on board count)

1/2 Final 1-5 vs. Bradford

Bradford went on to win the final against Manchester.

I effectively gave up over-the-board chess in the 1970s and took up postal chess. I am currently the British Correspondence Champion, a correspondence IM elect, playing in a world Championship semi-final and playing on Board 3 for England in the correspondence chess Olympiad.

Chess Quotes

"The delight in gambits is a sign of chess youth... In very much the same way as the young man, on reaching his manhood years, lays aside the Indian stories and stories of adventure, and turns to the psychological novel, we with maturing experience leave off gambit playing and become interested in the less vivacious but withal more forceful manoeuvres of the position player."
— Emanuel LASKER