1995-97: A gambit variation

Game Hall,RVM - Humpreys,D British Correspondence Chess Championship. 1995-97

A Gambit Variation

"Richard Hall, a 51 year old solicitor specialising in licensing law, has won the British CC Championship. Richard receives a prize of £200, the title of British CC Champion until the next championship is decided, and the British Master title for life." — Reg Gillman, British Chess Magazine

[Richard has since been made a judge and an International Master. — DR]

Danish Gambit

1.e4 Nc6 2.d4 e5 3.Nf3 exd4 4.c3 dxc3 5.Bc4 cxb2 6.Bxb2 d6 7.Nc3 Be7 8.Qb3 Nh6 9.Nd5 f6 10.Nf4

Much stronger than:

[10.0–0 Na5 Csom-Barczay, Hungary 1967]

10...Bf8 11.0–0 Ne5 12.Nd4 Nxc4 13.Qxc4 c6 14.Rae1 Nf7 15.Nfe6 Ne5 16.Qb3 Bxe6 17.Nxe6 Qd7 18.f4 Ng6



This, coupled with White's next, completely breaks up Black's defensive set-up.

19...fxe5 20.Ba3 Be7 21.Nxg7+ Kd8 22.fxe5 d5 23.e6 Qc7 24.Bxe7+ Nxe7 25.Qa3 b5 26.Rf7 b4 27.Qf3 Qd6 28.Qf6 Qc5+ 29.Kh1 h6 30.Qf4 1–0

[Notes by Richard Hall, BCM 117 (8), pp.438-439]

Chess Quotes

"When it is so freely asserted that Morphy's style was all genius and inspiration ... Morphy possessed that most profound book knowledge of any master of his time, and never introduced a single novelty, whereas since his day the books have had to study the players...

 We may all learn from Morphy and Anderssen how to conduct a King's side attack, and perhaps I myself may not have learnt enough.

— Wilhelm STEINITZ