A bird's eye view of repertoires

13th_Feb_2010: A bird's eye view of repertoires

I've compiled a spreadsheet of recommended White repertoires from various books, websites and other sources; it is interesting that some sort of consensus emerges, at least for the 1.e4 player, even though no one book recommends the complete list:
  • Main system: Scotch Four Knights'
  • Alekhin (1...Nf6): Exchange
  • Caro-Kann (1...c6): Panov-Botvinnik
  • French (1...e6): Tarrasch
  • Pirc/Modern (1...g6): 150 Attack
  • Scandinavian (1...d5): Main lines
  • Sicilian (1...c5): Alapin 2.c3
There's some sort of theme there about looking for regular structures: there are IQP/hanging pawns structures around in several of the lines.

I'd be interested to hear of any additions (or corrections -- I don't own all this stuff so I've had to take some of it from reviews and BB comments).

Repertoires spreadsheet in Open office format
Same again in Excel 97 format

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