U14 Training Day 2016

Thanks to everyone who came and worked so hard all day on Saturday.

We hope you enjoyed the day and went away with lots to think about and
work on during the next year.

Some notes:

1. We have made a page with links about the day here:
(this page!)

2. I talked about a draft of a book I am working on and invited comments
about but I forgot to hand it out! If you'd like to see a copy let me know.

3. Thank you for your feedback about the day; further comments are
invited. Tim and I were talking afterwards about all the things we
wanted to do more work on with you (particularly openings) and we are
thinking about running another event before the Summer. If you are
interested or have suggestions, please let us know.

4. Invitations to the U14 team match at the end of February have now
been sent out.

Notes on the Devon U14 matches from previous years are here:

The slideshow, exercises and links to the free openings book and database are below:



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HitMissTrap1A.pdf22.81 KB
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HitMissTrap2A.pdf21.97 KB
HitMissTrap2Q.pdf34.83 KB
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Chess Quotes

The King himself is haughtie care,
Which ouerlooketh all his men,
And when he seeth how they fare,
He steps among them now and then,
Whom when his foe presumes to checke,
His seruants stand, to giue the necke.

The Queene is queint, and quicke conceit,
Which makes her walke which way she list,
Ans rootes them up, that lie in wait,
To worke hir treason ere she wist:
Hir force is such against her foes,
That whom she meets, she ouerthrowes...

— Nicholas BRETON (1542-1626), The Chesse Play.