Capablanca Chess Set (chess variant/board game)

Capablanca Chess Set (chess variant/board game)

Capablanca Chess Set

To be played on a 10x10 board (rather than the infinite one pictured)New pieces include Marshall(!) (R+N)&Chancellor (N+B)

It joins the umpteen other unplayed 10x10 variants invented over the centuries, as listed (and unlisted) by Pritchard and the Variant Chess Pages, including Jester Chess, Decimal Chess, Grand Chess, Shatranj
, Centennial Chess, Super Chess, Supremo Chess, Nahbi Chess...

Chess Quotes

"Always deploy," says Franklin K. Young, "so that the right oblique can be readily established in case the objective plane remains open or becomes permanently located on the centre or on the King's wing, or that the crochet aligned may readily be established if the objective plane becomes permanently located otherwise than at the extremity of the strategic front."

  If this is somewhat obscure (and I see no reason to believe otherwise), the conclusion it reaches is stated in limpid prose by the same writer:

— from Logical Chess by Irving CHERNEV