Capablanca Chess Set (chess variant/board game)

Capablanca Chess Set (chess variant/board game)

Capablanca Chess Set

To be played on a 10x10 board (rather than the infinite one pictured)New pieces include Marshall(!) (R+N)&Chancellor (N+B)

It joins the umpteen other unplayed 10x10 variants invented over the centuries, as listed (and unlisted) by Pritchard and the Variant Chess Pages, including Jester Chess, Decimal Chess, Grand Chess, Shatranj
, Centennial Chess, Super Chess, Supremo Chess, Nahbi Chess...

Chess Quotes

"A lot of the difference between an IM and GM is a seriousness to the game. The GM is willing to go through all this. He's willing to put up with anything. This shows his dedication. One other thing is the GMs superiority in tactics. For example Christiansen can find tactics in any position. If you're a GM you should be able to overpower the IM tactically. The GM will often blow out the IM in this area. "
— Nick de FIRMIAN, in How To Get Better at Chess : Chess Masters on Their Art by GM Larry Evans, IM Jeremy B Silman and Betty Roberts

EDITORIAL NOTE: This of course contradicts David Norwood's view. While David's opinion is based on research, I think Nick's is the correct one. I have a wonderful proof of this theorem, but unfortunately this page is too small to hold it. - Dr.Dave.