Chessy Web Pages

How to produce chessy web pages... a review of systems.
[Really only interested in freeware...]

System and web link
  • It's a bit of a hop skip and jump to get it to produce web pages, let alone Drupal pages
  • Some of the code is a bit whiskery e.g. custom coding for IE4
  • Would be good to get visual feedback of successful piece selection when attempting puzzles (e.g. square changes colour)
  • I never cracked getting static diagrams to format properly on this site

Chessboard renderer
  • Diagrams only, but worked first time
  • Once that is, that I hit on the right syntax, e.g.
    [ chessboard ] 4rrk1/1bqn1pbp/pp1p1np1/4p3/P3PP1Q/2NB1N2/1PPB2PP/4RR1K [ / chessboard ] (without spaces)
  • Example on this site:
  • Native Drupal Module (cheers from crowd)
  • Need to tone down that green for this site!
  • Now with variation support, just about perfect.
  • Not easy to incorporate several whole games in one web page
  • Not yet cracked making anything but the simplest pages with it using Drupal
    (it either mangles the layout [BBCODE] or it mangles your PGN headers [XBBCODE+]
  • Rather slow to load, and really not suitable for handouts with lots of games (although they do supply a widget to display only on demand)
  • Does what it says on the tin
  • Original site is down
  • Flash-based from DGT
  • untried       
  • Example on this site:
  • looks a bit small and muddy
  • Pretty good and flexible
  • Gives away the answers to problems in the URL, can't see how to get around that.
MyChessViewer c/o
  • ??
  • [Not yet working]
  • [Still exploring options!]

More information for the curious at

Chess Quotes

"The most important feature of the chess position is the activity of the pieces. This is absolutely fundamental in all phases of the game (opening, middlegame and especially endgame). The primary constraint on a piece's activity is the Pawn structure."
— Michael STEAN, in Simple Chess.