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strongHow to produce chessy web pages/strong... a review of systems. br /[Really only interested in freeware...]br /br / table tbodytrth width="10%"System and web linkbr //thth width="40%"Features/thth width="50%"Nitpicks/th/tr trtd valign="top"a href=""PalView/abr //tdtd valign="top"ul liHard to think of anything this can't do: static diagrams,inline games, pop-up games, problems that you can have a few goes at before seeing the solution, etc etc. /li liExample on this site: a href="/content/friendly-match" title="/content/friendly-match"/content/friendly-match/a/li /ul /tdtd valign="top"ul liIt's a bit of a hop skip and jump to get it to produce web pages, let alone Drupal pages/li liSome of the code is a bit whiskery e.g. custom coding for IE4/li liWould be good to get visual feedback of successful piece selection when attempting puzzles (e.g. square changes colour)/li liI never cracked getting static diagrams to format properly on this site/li /ul br //td/tr trtd valign="top"a href=""Chessboard renderer/a/td tdul liDiagrams only, but worked first time/li liOnce that is, that I hit on the right syntax, / [ chessboard ] 4rrk1/1bqn1pbp/pp1p1np1/4p3/P3PP1Q/2NB1N2/1PPB2PP/4RR1K [ / chessboard ] (without spaces)/li liExample on this site: a href="/content/do-chessplayers-think" title="/content/do-chessplayers-think"/content/do-chessplayers-think/a/li liNative Drupal Module (cheers from crowd)/li /ul /td td valign="top"ul liNeed to tone down that a href="/content/do-chessplayers-think"green/a for this site!/li /ul /td/tr trtd valign="top"a href=""PGN4web/abr //tdtd valign="top"ul liWorks directly from strongPGN inline/strong (ideal!) or a stored PGN file, does diagrams or play-through games.nbsp; /li liExamples on this site:/li lia href="/content/oops" title="/content/oops"/content/oops/abr / /li lia href="/content/simon-v-dave"Test page: Simon vs. Dave/a/li li a href="/content/play-through-pgn-collections" title="/content/play-through-pgn-collections"/content/play-through-pgn-collections/abr / /li lia href="/content/canon" title="/content/canon"/content/canon/a/li /ul /tdtd valign="top" ul li Now with variation support, just about perfect. /liliNot easy to incorporate several whole games in one web page/li liNot yet cracked making anything but the simplest pages with it using Drupalbr / (it either mangles the layout [a href="/content/bbcode"BBCODE/a] or it mangles your PGN headers [a href="/content/xbbcode"XBBCODE+/a] /li /ul /td/tr trtd valign="top"a href=""ChessFlash/abr //tdtdul liFlash-based (duh)/li liCan work off-site/li liCode is pretty filthy to look at but it does take proper strongPGN inline/strong/li liExample on this site:br / a href="/content/test-chess-flash-viewer" title="/content/test-chess-flash-viewer"/content/test-chess-flash-viewer/a /li /ul /tdtd valign="top"ul liRather slow to load, and really not suitable for handouts with lots of games (although they do supply a a href=""widget /ato display only on demand)/li /ul /td/tr trtd valign="top"a href=""PGNtoJS/abr //tdtdul liDoes what it says on the tin/li /ul /tdtd valign="top"ul liOriginal site is down/li /ul /td/tr trtd valign="top"a href=""ChessTheatre/abr //tdtdul liFlash-based from DGT/li liuntriednbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; /li liExample on this site: /li /ul /tdtd valign="top"ul lilooks a bit small and muddy/li /ul /td/tr trtd valign="top"a href=""LT-Pgn-Viewer/a/tdtdul liPretty good and flexible /li /ul /tdtd valign="top"ul liGives away the answers to problems in the URL, can't see how to get around that./li /ul /td/tr trtd valign="top"a href=""MyChessViewer/a c/o a href="" title="" //tdtdul liLooks good, puzzles, diagrams and games (Java)/li liExample on this site: a href="/content/test-mychessviewer-game-display" title="/content/test-mychessviewer-game-display"/content/test-mychessviewer-game-display/a /li /ul /tdtd valign="top"ul li??/li li[Not yet working]/li /ul /td/tr trtd valign="top"a href=""Montreux/abr //tdtdul liLooks good, puzzles, diagrams and games (Java)/li li"Many, many other useful and useless configuration options"/li liExample on this site: a href="/content/test-montreux-game-display" title="/content/test-montreux-game-display"/content/test-montreux-game-display/a/li /ul /tdtd valign="top"ul li[Still exploring options!]/li /ul /td/tr /tbody/table pMore information for the curious at a href="" title=""

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