DCCA Individual Competitions 2015/16

DCCA Individual Competitions 2015/16

Last updated on 17 Jul 2016

The tables below summarise the match results in each competition.

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Devon Championship

31 Jan 2016: Tim Paulden 1-0 Steve Martin

20 Feb 2016: John Stephens 0-1 Steve Martin [DEFAULT]

20 Mar 2016: Tim Paulden 0.5-0.5 Lorenz Hartmann

07 May 2016: Lorenz Hartmann 1-0 John Stephens

15 May 2016: John Stephens 0.5-0.5 Tim Paulden

05 Jun 2016: Steve Martin 1-0 Lorenz Hartmann

John StephensX00.500.5
Lorenz Hartmann1X0.501.5
Tim Paulden0.50.5X12
Steve Martin110X2

There will be a tie-break playoff between Steve Martin and Tim Paulden.

Devon Championship Final

17 Jul 2016: Steve Martin 1-0 Tim Paulden

Steve Martin wins the DCCA Devon Championship 2015/16.

Intermediate - Group A

03 Nov 2015: Marcus Gosling 1-0 Matt Best

16 Nov 2015: Trefor Thynne 1-0 Matt Best

10 Dec 2015: Trefor Thynne 1-0 Robert Wilby

15 Dec 2015: Robert Wilby 0-1 Nathan Mills

24 Jan 2016: Nathan Mills 0-1 Marcus Gosling

23 Feb 2016: Matt Best 1-0 Nathan Mills

28 Feb 2016: Marcus Gosling 0-1 Robert Wilby

10 Mar 2016: Matt Best 1-0 Robert Wilby

19 Mar 2016: Trefor Thynne 0.5-0.5 Marcus Gosling

24 Mar 2016: Nathan Mills 0.5-0.5 Trefor Thynne

Trefor ThynneX10.50.513
Matt Best0X1012
Nathan Mills0.50X011.5
Marcus Gosling0.511X02.5
Robert Wilby0001X1

Trefor Thynne wins Group A and qualifies for the final.

Intermediate - Group B

17 Nov 2015: Ivor Annetts 0-1 Matthew Wilson

03 Jan 2016: Bill Ingham 0.5-0.5 Ivor Annetts

24 Jan 2016: Vignesh Ramesh 1-0 Bill Ingham

04 Feb 2016: Ivor Annetts 0-1 Vignesh Ramesh

20 Apr 2016: Matthew Wilson 0-1 Vignesh Ramesh [DEFAULT]

Matthew WilsonX101
Bill InghamX0.500.5
Ivor Annetts00.5X00.5
Vignesh Ramesh111X3

Vignesh Ramesh wins Group B and qualifies for the final.

Intermediate Final

31 May 2016: Vignesh Ramesh 0-1 Trefor Thynne

Trefor Thynne wins the DCCA Intermediate 2015/16.

Minor - Group A

17 Nov 2015: David Archer 1-0 Nicky Bacon

01 Dec 2015: Lee James 0-1 John Ariss

12 Jan 2016: Tony Tatam 1-0 Lee James

18 Jan 2016: David Archer 0.5-0.5 Tony Tatam

25 Jan 2016: John Ariss 0-1 Tony Tatam

25 Jan 2016: Lee James 0-1 David Archer

23 Feb 2016: Tony Tatam 0-1 Nicky Bacon

12 Apr 2016: John Ariss 0.5-0.5 David Archer

David ArcherX10.50.513
Nicky Bacon0X11
John Ariss0.5X011.5
Tony Tatam0.501X12.5
Lee James000X0

David Archer wins Group A and qualifies for the final.

Minor - Group B

27 Oct 2015: Mark Cockerton 1-0 Reece Whittington

16 Nov 2015: Michael Dow 0.5-0.5 Wilf Taylor

09 Jan 2016: Mark Cockerton 1-0 Michael Dow

10 Jan 2016: Reece Whittington 1-0 Michael Dow

27 Jan 2016: Wilf Taylor 0.5-0.5 Mark Cockerton

Reece WhittingtonX011
Wilf TaylorX0.50.51
Mark Cockerton10.5X12.5
Michael Dow00.50X0.5

Mark Cockerton wins Group B and qualifies for the final.

Minor Final

12 May 2016: Mark Cockerton 0-1 David Archer

David Archer wins the DCCA Minor 2015/16.

Ladies Championship

15 Dec 2015: Hazel Welch 0-1 Jacquie Barber-Lafon

14 Jan 2016: Derry Ariss 0-1 Nandaja Narayanan [DEFAULT]

09 Feb 2016: Jacquie Barber-Lafon 1-0 Derry Ariss

19 Mar 2016: Nandaja Narayanan 1-0 Hazel Welch

21 Apr 2016: Jacquie Barber-Lafon 0-1 Nandaja Narayanan

Jacquie Barber-LafonX0112
Nandaja Narayanan1X113
Hazel Welch00X0
Derry Ariss00X0

Nandaja Narayanan wins the DCCA Ladies Championship 2015/16.

Chess Quotes

from: The Psychology of the Chess Player
— Reuben FINE (the man who put the 'anal' into analysis)
"Chess is a contest between two men in which there is considerable ego-involvement. In some way it certainly touches upon the conflicts surrounding aggression, homosexuality, masturbation and narcissism which become particularly prominent in the anal-phallic phases of development. From the standpoint of id psychology, Jones' observations can therefore be confirmed, even enlarged upon. Genetically, chess is more often than not taught to the boy by his father, or a father-substitute, and thus becomes a means of working out the son-father rivalry."

So now you know... It's easy to be dismissive of this, but if you don't think there's anything in it, and are not easily offended, then I invite you to look at a few statements quoted in Dominic Lawson's The Inner Game. The most obvious caution against a psychodynamic interpretation of chess is that Short's anal rape fantasies here seem anything but "unconscious" or "repressed"!