DCCA Individual Competitions 2016/17

DCCA Individual Competitions 2016/17

Last updated on 15 Jun 2017

The tables below summarise the match results in each competition.

Devon Championship

No matches yet played

Graham BoltX0
Tim PauldenX0

The Devon Championship will be completed during July 2017.


08 Dec 2016: Paul Brooks 1-0 Nathan Mills

23 Jan 2017: David Archer 0-1 Nathan Mills

08 Feb 2017: Bill Ingham 0-1 David Archer

14 Mar 2017: Nathan Mills 0-1 Bill Ingham

27 Mar 2017: David Archer 0.5-0.5 Paul Brooks

02 May 2017: Paul Brooks 1-0 Bill Ingham

Bill InghamX0101
Paul Brooks1X10.52.5
Nathan Mills00X11
David Archer10.50X1.5

Paul Brooks wins the DCCA Intermediate 2016/17.

Minor - Group A

26 Nov 2016: Wilf Taylor 1-0 John Ariss

19 Dec 2016: Wilf Taylor 1-0 Simon Honeyball

22 Dec 2016: Nicky Bacon 0-1 Wilf Taylor

14 Jan 2017: Simon Honeyball 0-1 John Ariss

Wilf TaylorX1113
John Ariss0X11
Nicky Bacon0X0
Simon Honeyball00X0

Wilf Taylor wins Group A and qualifies for the final.

Minor - Group B

15 Dec 2016: Mark Cockerton 0.5-0.5 Phil McConnell

18 Jan 2017: Phil McConnell 0-1 Tony Tatam

25 Jan 2017: Tony Tatam 0-1 Rob Wilby

30 Jan 2017: Tony Tatam 1-0 Mark Cockerton

06 Feb 2017: Rob Wilby 1-0 Mark Cockerton

22 Feb 2017: Phil McConnell 0-1 Rob Wilby

Rob WilbyX1113
Phil McConnell0X0.500.5
Mark Cockerton00.5X00.5
Tony Tatam011X2

Rob Wilby wins Group B and qualifies for the final.

Minor Final

07 Mar 2017: Rob Wilby 0-1 Wilf Taylor

Wilf Taylor wins the DCCA Minor 2016/17.

Ladies Championship

19 Jan 2017: Nandaja Narayanan 1-0 Jacquie Barber-Lafon

16 Mar 2017: Jacquie Barber-Lafon 0-1 Nandaja Narayanan

Jacquie Barber-LafonX00
Nandaja Narayanan2X2

Nandaja Narayanan wins the DCCA Ladies Championship 2016/17.

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