A first opening repertoire

A First Chess Opening Repertoire: [DOWNLOAD PDF | PGN]

Some suggestions to get you through your first chess games.

You can play through all the examples below:

  • Hover mouse over board squares to see extra controls e.g. b2 = toggle autoplay, b5 = search, a5 = repeat last search, f3 = next game, f8 = shortcuts help
  • Chess Quotes

    There is, of course, a very famous saying from Rueben Fine:
    "I'd rather have a pawn than a finger."

      It's often quoted during analysis.

      One of my favorite sayings, though, came as a response to this.

      About 40 players were watching an online broadcast of a major match.

      One of the players was a pawn down, and there was some argument as to how much compensation the other had.

      One of the masters present quoted Fine, "As Reuben Fine said, "I'd rather have a pawn than a finger."

    — -- Duif