Hexagonal Chess Set (chess variant/board game)

Hexagonal Chess Set (chess variant/board game)

Hexagonal Chess Set

This is Glinski's Hexagonal Chess, which I think I first found out about in the 1970s through CHESS magazine.

The ChessVariants site explains how you can make your own sets for this and other chess games.

N.B. The Bishops on f4/f8 should start on f1/f11

Chess Quotes

"In the eighteenth century they announced their first rule: "Sortez les pieces" - "Get the pieces out". "It took a hundred years before a new rule was announced. Anderssen, the winner of the first International Tournament, that of London, 1851, said:

  "Move that one of your pieces, which is in the worst plight, unless you can satisfy yourself that you can derive immediate advantage by an attack"

 "A few decades went by [...] the masters evolved a "public opinion":

— LASKER, Manual of Chess (second book)