An invitation to all present and past members

I've just transferred the book 100-odd years of Exeter Chess Club to its new online home. It's now more than 10 years since it was published, and most of the members who contributed so much to that book with stories and favourite games are no longer with us.

On the other hand, we have had a whole new generation of members join us, one or two ex-members might have found us again and we have all had another decade to have new adventures and play new games. In its new online format, we can add and edit material as often as we like.

So, if you have a yarn or a game that you would like to share as part of that book, please pass them on through the contact form, as a comment to this page, or when you next see me.  If you send me a game in some sort of email, then PGN format is to be preferred.  If you don't have a chess database, then j2chess  is one of a number of little programmes that will save a game in PGN format for you.

"An odd few more years" may be published as a result.

Chess Quotes

36. Ne1?
"Well, well. IM (and correspondence GM) Douglas Bryson once told me that he almost never plays a game that flows smoothly from start to finish; there is always a "moment" of sorts where someone misses a big defensive opportunity or the nature of the position changes more than one might reasonably expect. This was such a "moment"."
— Jonathan Rowson British Chess Magazine October 1999 p.553