Posters and Leaflet

We have a leaflet and a poster to advertise the club in its new venue.

You can download a PDF if you want to print your own for your local centre or school.

large_LEAFLET51.jpgLEAFLET5.pdf (57.36 KB)

large_posters11.jpgposters1.pdf (224.1 KB)

large_posters22.jpgposters2b.pdf (277.22 KB)

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Chess Quotes

"If chess is a science, it's a most inexact one. If chess is an art, it's too exacting to be seen as one. If chess is a sport, it's too aesoteric. If chess is a game, it's too demanding to be *just* a game. If chess is a mistress, she's a demanding one. If chess is a passion, it's a rewarding one. If chess is life, it's a sad one. "