Simultaneous display by club champion Jeremie Poschmann

11/10/2016 19:15

Heavitree Social Club


1 JP ½-½ Brian
2 JP 1-0 Will
3 JP 1-0 Ian
3 JP 1-0 Barry
4 JP 0-1 Sean
6 JP ½-½ Richard S
7 JP 0-1 Richard P
8 JP 0-1 Alan D
9 JP ?-? Leif
10 JP 0-1 Paul
11 JP 0-1 Tim
12 JP 0-1 Alan S
13 JP 0-1 Giles

Chess Quotes

The King himself is haughtie care,
Which ouerlooketh all his men,
And when he seeth how they fare,
He steps among them now and then,
Whom when his foe presumes to checke,
His seruants stand, to giue the necke.

The Queene is queint, and quicke conceit,
Which makes her walke which way she list,
Ans rootes them up, that lie in wait,
To worke hir treason ere she wist:
Hir force is such against her foes,
That whom she meets, she ouerthrowes...

— Nicholas BRETON (1542-1626), The Chesse Play.