Things to take to a chess tournament

As before, mostly to help me, but might help you,comments invited.


pairing board

pairing cards

board numbers (or marker pen + sticky notes)

marker pen

sticky notes

pairing software? + hardware

results slips

large desk/wall clock

box of pens

coloured pens

Blu-tak or masking tape


chess sets & boards

chess clocks

score sheets


spare entry forms & list for late fees

tournament wall chart for each section

spare sets/boards for analysis

games/puzzles/balls for break

first aid kit


urn, snacks/drinks, cash box/float

notice board

notices (A4) - rules, round times, safeguarding, list of key personnel

information about local clubs



certificates for taking part (named + blanks)

certificates for achievement (half-marks or better, named & blank or all blank)

bottles of harmless fizzy pop to say thank you

Chess Quotes

from: The Psychology of the Chess Player
— Reuben FINE (the man who put the 'anal' into analysis)
"Chess is a contest between two men in which there is considerable ego-involvement. In some way it certainly touches upon the conflicts surrounding aggression, homosexuality, masturbation and narcissism which become particularly prominent in the anal-phallic phases of development. From the standpoint of id psychology, Jones' observations can therefore be confirmed, even enlarged upon. Genetically, chess is more often than not taught to the boy by his father, or a father-substitute, and thus becomes a means of working out the son-father rivalry."

So now you know... It's easy to be dismissive of this, but if you don't think there's anything in it, and are not easily offended, then I invite you to look at a few statements quoted in Dominic Lawson's The Inner Game. The most obvious caution against a psychodynamic interpretation of chess is that Short's anal rape fantasies here seem anything but "unconscious" or "repressed"!