Wales and West of England Junior Championships 2014 - U14 jamboree

Photo and game notes attached

Dear Team

Well done! We won the Eustis U14 cup for the first time since 2006, and
did so with a thumping score.

The Welsh were very sporting to spread their considerable strength over
two teams (Glamorgan and Gwent) so we stood a much better chance this
year, but I was enormously pleased with the eventual score (23½/30) and
the style of our victory. I think our boards 2,3 and 4 were outgraded
in every game, and yet over 9 games the dropped just one point between
them - fantastic results!

Special congratulations are due to Theo, Vignesh, Nicky, Taylor, Leif
and James, who all scored 3 points (James on his birthday!). I was also
really pleased with Round 2, where I thought we were clearly losing in
four games (you know who you are...) but out of those four games we
scored 3½ points! I mean, any fool can win a won game, but to win a
lost one takes a bit extra.

So, win or lose, thanks to everyone for turning out, and thanks very
much also to all mums and dads (and others!) for their support and

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