Levels ratings and grades

Just a guide to the system of 'level' labels used on this site. Every so often they revise ratings and gradings, so some older pages may use different guidelines. But if you're expecting that level of accuracy, you're hoping too much from the labels!

Class ECF Grade FIDE Elo rating National Rating Level
    2700+   World elite
    2600+   Super GM
    2500+   GM
    2400+   IM
    2200+   FM
A 175 2050 2000 County
B 150 1850 1800 Major
C 125 1650 1600 Inter
D 100 1450 1400 Minor
E below 100 up to 1400    
    1000   Beginner

See also: http://grading.bcfservices.org.uk/help.php#notes

Chess Quotes

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