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J Things to take to a chess tournament misc Page
G "To take is a mistake" - tension in the chess position Praxis Page
1895: From the Archives local Page
1903: King's-side Attack local Page
404 misc Page
G A chess glossary Praxis Page
D A disaster in the Stonewall Praxis Page
D A first opening repertoire Openings Page
J A game for analysis by juniors, from the BCF (answers) Coaching Page
J A game for analysis by juniors, from the BCF (questions) Coaching Page
G A la carte Openings Page
C A Rook Ending: Capablanca-Janowsky Endings Page
J Active Chess misc Page
G An ABC of chess misc Page
An introduction to the Sicilian Defence Openings Page
An invitation to all present and past members local Page
G Assess Your Chess Praxis Page
D Attacking the castled King Attack Page
B Basic Rook Endgames Endings Page
BBCODE techie Page
C Beating the Anti-Indians Openings Page
C Benonis Openings, TBD Page
B Bishop Endgames Endings Page
B Bishops: good, bad and both. Strategy Page
G Blunder-proofing your game Tactics Page
C Blunders at East Devon Tactics Page
Book review: Attack with Mikhail Tal Attack Page
Book review: Attacking Repertoire - Gufeld Openings Page
G Book review: Danger in chess - Avni Coaching Page
Book review: Taimanov's Selected Games - Mark Taimanov books Page
Book review: The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Bronstein-Furstenberg Praxis Page
D Bruce Rowston at work Praxis Page
B Capablanca - Master of the Attack Attack Page
Castling misc Page
G Chess and Psychology Coaching Page
G Chess Coaching Summer 2011 (updated 23rd August) misc Page
G Chess Notation misc Page
Chess Quotes culture Page
Chess Stories culture Page
C Chess style Praxis Page
Chess Symbols misc Page
Chess Tactics Quotes Tactics Page
C Chess with Attitude Praxis Page
chess2 misc Page
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'Samurai' Japanese Chess Set (Shogi) Image
'Spanish Regency' Chess Set Image
10x10 board for International Draughts (or Capablanca chess) (chess variant/board game) Image
3D Chinese Chess Set (chess variant/board game) Image
3D Chinese Chess Set (detail) (chess variant/board game) Image
Aerial Attack Game (chess variant/board game) Image
All the King's Men Image
Babushka Chess Set Image
Barleycorn chess set Image
Bauhaus-inspired Chess Set Image
Biscuits for Chess Match, 25th Jan 2014 Image
Black h1 FAIL (yorkshire train table) Image
blackwork embroidered chess board Image
Boards for playing (chess variant/board game) Image
Bone 'Barleycorn' Chess Set Image
Bone and Ebony Double-Nine Domino Set Image
Braille chess set with raised dark squares Image
Bug House Chess (Dobutsu Shogi) Image
Capablanca Chess Set (chess variant/board game) Image
Chaturanga Chess Set - the parent of them all (chess variant/board game) Image
chess bunting Image
chess bunting2 Image
Chess Set for Makruk (Thai or Cambodian Chess) (chess variant/board game) Image
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100-odd Years of Exeter Chess Club Book page
1280-1894: Chess in Exeter before the Club Book page
1871: In the old style Book page
1878-1923: An Exeter Problemist: J Paul Taylor Book page
1904: A brilliancy Book page
1906: Exeter Chess Club before the first war Book page
1906: Two forks Book page
1913: Problems Book page
1919: HV Mallison Book page
1922: A modern defence Book page
1923-1945: From the archives Book page
1923: A red-letter day Book page
1923: Young Turks Book page
1924: More from the chess columns Book page
1933: Similar, but different Book page
1934: Excommunicated Book page
1938: Decisive Book page
1938: On Mount Olympus Book page
1938: Reversal of fortune Book page
1947: Tough at the top Book page
1951: A master touch Book page
1955: The Bishop pair Book page
1956: Decisive Book page
1960: St. Luke's Chess Club: a new Exeter club and a new World record Book page
1962: Minor piece mugging Book page
1962: Secret weapon Book page
1962: The Maginot line Book page
1964: Denis Gray writes: Book page
1964: Unfinished symphony Book page
1965: A novelty Book page
1965: Gambit style Book page
1965: The Devonian Attack Book page
1966: Dominatrix Book page
1966: Polished off Book page
1966: Richard Hall writes: Book page
1967: Wild West Book page
1969-70: Looking ahead Book page
1969: For the want of a Bishop Book page
1970: ...to the sublime Book page
1970: From the ridiculous... Book page
1970: The Sicilian Landslide Book page
1970s: Tales from a Devon Club Book page
1970s: Towards a new decade Book page
1971: Digging in Book page
1971: Switching the attack Book page
1973: Queen and Knight Book page
1975: Club chess Book page
1975: En route Book page
1976: Well-matched opponents Book page
1977: A good opening Book page
1980: The spear-carriers Book page
1981: A timely manoeuvre Book page
1981: Early knockout Book page
1981: White to play and win Book page
1982: A scalp Book page
1982: Coup Book page
1982: The eleventh hour Book page
1983: Cut and thrust Book page
1983: Fire and flood Book page
1991: A new approach Book page
1993: Co-ordination Book page
1993: Research Book page
1994: Viking raid Book page
1995-97: A gambit variation Book page
1995: A direct attack Book page
1995: A miniature Book page
1995: Brilliancy Book page
1995: Caught? Book page
1995: Move in haste, repent at leisure Book page
1995: The Decider Book page
1996-1997: Just Another Year - The Exeter Chess Club Championship Book page
1996: Endgame battle Book page
1996: French poetry Book page
1996: Opening the f-file Book page
1996: The last round Book page
1996: The margin of the draw Book page
1996: Urgent measures Book page
1996: Winners Book page
1997: Distracted Queen Book page
1997: On the edge of victory Book page
1997: The next generation Book page
1997: Theme and variations Book page
A press release Book page
An odd few more years of Exeter Chess Club Book page
Black Queen * GIF Book page
Brian's Endgame Adventures Book page
Characters of the 1950s Book page
Type: Opening booklet
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1922, Reti-Bogoljubow Opening booklet
Type: Blog entry
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2016 East Devon Congress local Blog entry
G A bird's eye view of repertoires Openings Blog entry
B A coaching challenge Coaching, Praxis Blog entry
G A French Encounter Praxis Blog entry
J A friendly match Praxis Blog entry
C A Planning Challenge Strategy Blog entry
B A Queen sacrifice Tactics Blog entry
G A Thinking Process Coaching Blog entry
J Always a pleasure Openings Blog entry
B An exercise in punctuation Praxis Blog entry
G Annotating games Coaching Blog entry
G Are you sitting comfortably? Coaching Blog entry
G as-Suli's Diamond misc Blog entry
C Attack and Defence Attack Blog entry
D Attacking the Two Knights' Defence Openings Blog entry
Authors and Openings Books books Blog entry
Been there... Coaching Blog entry
B Big Mac Openings Blog entry
A Bird lives! Openings Blog entry
Blumenfeld's Rule Coaching Blog entry
Bobby Fischer Against the World misc Blog entry
G Bubble Blitz tournament 12th October 2015 Praxis Blog entry
G By the way... Tactics Blog entry
Calendar test misc Blog entry
Champion vs Challengers 2017 local Blog entry
J Checkmate? Shah mat! culture Blog entry
Chess and Cranio-Rectal Co-Location Syndrome misc Blog entry
D Chess and Maths Coaching Blog entry
G Chess coaching Coaching Blog entry
Chess Position Trainer Openings Blog entry
B Chess Psychology Coaching Blog entry
J Chess with Attitude Praxis Blog entry
Type: Event
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37th East Devon Chess Congress Event
39th East Devon Chess Congress Event
3rd Plymouth Rapidplay Event
45th Torquay Chess Congress Event
5th Millfield Rapidplay Event
AGM Event
AUTUMN JUNIOR TRAINING DAY: Saturday, 5th November 2016 Event
Beacon Seniors Event
Bremridge away against Tiverton Event
Bristol Winter Congress Event
Bubble Blitz tournament Event
Chess in Haldon Forest Event
Chess-themed fundraiser Event

Chess Quotes

"There are two classes of men; those who are content to yield to circumstances and who play whist; those who aim to control circumstances, and who play chess."
— Mortimer COLLINS.