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[You might also get something out of material designed for adults in class D.]
Topic: misc
Topic Title
misc Things to take to a chess tournament
misc Active Chess
misc Christmas Greetings 2015
misc Coaching discussions at the Riviera Tournament, 2012
misc Emailing games from Fritz 5
misc End of season newsletter 2011
misc Exchange Chess
misc Free junior club cards e-book
misc Games that are almost but not entirely unlike chess
misc Holidays
misc Junior Chess Calendar
misc Junior Chess: New Year round-up
misc Junior web pages
misc Kriegspiel
misc Last Chance Saloon 2013
misc Last Chance Saloon 2014 - Megafinal Qualifier
misc Let's chess again
misc Level 290
misc Mate in Two
misc Notes from chess club
misc Play Peg Solitaire
misc Play Shogi (Japanese Chess)
Topic: Praxis
Topic Title
Praxis A friendly match
Praxis Chess with Attitude
Praxis Coleman Brothers
Praxis Devon Junior Chess Association Championships 2014
Praxis Devon Junior Exchange Chess championship 2016
Praxis Devon U14 Jamboree games & comments
Praxis DJCA LAST CHANCE SALOON 2015 - UK Chess Challenge Megafinal Qualifier
Praxis EJCC 1-3 Exeter Gambits 30th March 2012
Praxis EJCC 2-2 Newton Abbot Juniors
Praxis EJCC 2-2 Newton Abbot Juniors 16th Dec 2011
Praxis EJCC 2-2 Seaton
Praxis EJCC vs Torquay Boys' Grammar 21 Jan 2011
Praxis Eton ruffles
Praxis Exeter Junior Chess Club Championship 2015-16
Praxis Exeter Juniors 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 Exeter Gambits
Praxis Exeter Juniors 1-2 Sidmouth B
Praxis Exeter Juniors 1-3 Broadclyst Primary 6th June 2014
Praxis Exeter Juniors 1-3 Exeter School 22nd May 2015
Praxis Exeter Juniors 2-3 Torquay Boys' Grammar School
Praxis Exeter Juniors 2½-1½ Seaton
Praxis Exeter Juniors 2½-1½ Torquay Boys Grammar School
Praxis Exeter Juniors 3-1 Sidmouth Juniors
Praxis Exeter Juniors 3-1 Torquay Boys Friday 2nd May 2014
Praxis Exeter Juniors 3-1 Torquay Boys Friday 2nd May 2014
Praxis Exeter Juniors 4-0 Newton Abbot Juniors 9th Jan 2014 (AWAY)
Praxis Exeter Juniors Grading Tournament 2013-2014
Praxis Exeter Juniors vs Exeter School, 11th March 2011 (1-3)
Praxis Exeter Juniors vs Newton Abbot Juniors 1st April 2011 (3-1)
Praxis Exeter Juniors vs Seaton, 25th March 2011 (2½-1½)
Praxis Exeter Juniors ½ -3½ Tiverton
Praxis Exeter Juniors ½-3½ Tiverton Testosterones
Praxis Games for How Good Is Your Chess?
Praxis Games from the English County Junior Chess Championships 2013
Praxis Haste
Praxis How to beat your Dad at chess
Praxis International Junior Challenge Match Sat 8th April
Praxis Junior Chess Games
Praxis Nagy vs Regis, April 2011 (1/2-1/2)
Praxis Nagy vs Regis, Fri 13th May 2011
Praxis Nagy-Keen, Friendly, 18 Oct 2011
Praxis Our first match
Praxis Our Second Match
Praxis Our third match
Praxis Return Match against TBGS 11th Feb 2011
Topic: Coaching
Topic Title
Coaching A game for analysis by juniors, from the BCF (answers)
Coaching A game for analysis by juniors, from the BCF (questions)
Coaching Coaching for Juniors
Coaching Devon Juniors Training Day Sat 5th Nov 2016
Coaching Dr.Dave's Brain Sharpening Kit
Coaching Holiday Homework
Coaching How to get better at chess
Coaching How to get better at chess: advice for players of different levels
Coaching Junior Club Posters
Coaching Mini Chess games
Coaching Random Chess Tips
Coaching Riviera Mini-Simul against U9 juniors
Topic: Openings
Topic Title
Openings Always a pleasure
Openings Don't touch the pawns in front of your King!
Openings How to lose at losing chess
Openings How to win with the Danish Gambit....
Openings Introducing Common Openings
Openings Junior Openings - Beginners and Improvers
Openings Making it up as you go along?
Openings Openings juniors should know
Topic: culture
Topic Title
culture Checkmate? Shah mat!
Topic: Tactics
Topic Title
Tactics Christmas Card puzzle 2011
Tactics Free tactics e-book
Tactics Oops
Topic: misc, TBD
Topic Title
misc, TBD Czech Knights
misc, TBD Play Chess (against a computer)
Topic: local
Topic Title
local Exeter Junior Chess Club
local Exeter Junior Chess Club blog
local How to run a junior club
local Junior Website Design Credits
Topic: psych
Topic Title
psych Hopes and fears
Topic: Endings
Topic Title
Endings Jokes
Endings Mate with King and Rook against a King
Topic: techie
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techie Play!