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[You might also get something out of material designed for adults in class D.]

Just in case anyone hasn't seen it before: I forget that it is new and fresh to every generation of chess players.

Ray and I picked a team each (the Lions and the Tigers).  Some games from the match




This is how to play chess, not stodging around the edges, hoping not to lose too quickly:





Thanks to our members...

[to be read aloud slowly to a group after a year's practice... or give them a copy to mark]

[PDF version for printing]

Chess is a fun game and easy to learn.  You play on a board of 164 squares, which are coloured light and dark, and there are two armies, one black and grey.  The rows are called ranks and the columns are called officers.

From Sverre.Johnsen@dnv.com  Fri Nov 21 12:27:48 1997

Anyway these activities are very popular in Norway. When organizing
summer camps or larger team competitions we always try to find some
time for social/ physical activities like "relay-chess", "basket
chess" or "chat-team" competitions. A brief explanation:


This is a competition between two teams. It is basically an ordinary
game of chess where the teams have to run a bit to do their
moves. They can each have from 2 to app.12 players.