Chessy Web Pages

How to produce chessy web pages... a review of systems.
[Really only interested in freeware...]

System and web link
  • It's a bit of a hop skip and jump to get it to produce web pages, let alone Drupal pages
  • Some of the code is a bit whiskery e.g. custom coding for IE4
  • Would be good to get visual feedback of successful piece selection when attempting puzzles (e.g. square changes colour)
  • I never cracked getting static diagrams to format properly on this site

Chessboard renderer
  • Diagrams only, but worked first time
  • Once that is, that I hit on the right syntax, e.g.
    [ chessboard ] 4rrk1/1bqn1pbp/pp1p1np1/4p3/P3PP1Q/2NB1N2/1PPB2PP/4RR1K [ / chessboard ] (without spaces)
  • Example on this site:
  • Native Drupal Module (cheers from crowd)
  • Need to tone down that green for this site!
  • Now with variation support, just about perfect.
  • Not easy to incorporate several whole games in one web page
  • Not yet cracked making anything but the simplest pages with it using Drupal
    (it either mangles the layout [BBCODE] or it mangles your PGN headers [XBBCODE+]
  • Rather slow to load, and really not suitable for handouts with lots of games (although they do supply a widget to display only on demand)
  • Does what it says on the tin
  • Original site is down
  • Flash-based from DGT
  • untried       
  • Example on this site:
  • looks a bit small and muddy
  • Pretty good and flexible
  • Gives away the answers to problems in the URL, can't see how to get around that.
MyChessViewer c/o
  • ??
  • [Not yet working]
  • [Still exploring options!]

More information for the curious at

Nice one

I think now PGN4Web supports variations, I don't think I'll worry about anything else!

Chess Quotes

From time immemorial, chessmasters have excelled at two things: chess and alibis.

— Reuben FINE