Exeter Chess Club [MAP] is a strong and thriving club in Devon (South-West England), established in 1895, which plays in the Exeter and District Chess League and the leagues organised by the Devon County Chess Association.

This website tells you about the club and its junior wing and keeps members and visitors up to date with developments; you might be particularly interested in our coaching materials and Dr.Dave's Chess Coaching Blog.



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Mate with Two Bishops

Mate is possible with two Bishops against a bare King.



Bishops Puzzle: 

I hope you will forgive my algebraic notation, but I found it easier
to read (since we know every move is a bishop).

White bishops start at b1 and d1, 
Black bishops start at b5 and d5.

01. b1-c2
02. d5-a2
03. b5-c4
04. c2-a4
05. a2-b1
06. c4-d3
07. a4-b3
08. b3-d5
09. d3-b5 (board is symmetrical)
10. b1-d3
11. d1-b3
12. b3-a2
13. d3-c2
14. b5-a4
15. a2-c4
16. c2-b1
17. a4-d1
18. c4-b5

This was not the first solution that I found, but I liked it because
it was symmetrical.

Club games

Comment on Poe's view of chess

Barry Wood wrote a piece on this, reprinted in _Reinfeld's Treasury of Chess Lore_.

He suggests (I paraphrase), read Poe's passage.

Now say to yourself: "Poe has only just learned to play chess, and is still unsure of the moves of the pieces".

Read it over again.

Does that fit? Chess is like driving a car, after a bit you don't notice the gear changes and so on, you just enjoy the drive. Poe is still struggling with 'which one's the clutch again?'.