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  • Boris Spassky became World Champion on the second attempt, defeating Petrosian in 1969 and losing his title to Fischer in 1972. He had something of a reputation of having a 'universal' style, able to play all positions well, but that is true of anyone who holds the crown of chess, and he has a marked facility with dynamic and attacking play.

    Opening lessons

  • How do you play against the Hippo? It's all about Space and Potential. At risk of sounding like an estate agent, I propose to describe my limited understanding of these issues...


    All else being equal, it's an advantage to have more space. More space means you can get about the board more easily, organise an attack more easily, and sometimes all your opponent can do is sit tight while you work out how to win:

    [Event "Top 10 endgames: "]
    [Site "Arnstadt"]
    [Date "1926.??.??"]
    [Round "?"]
  • Mr.B and I have been looking at an interesting game called Camelot.

    Camelot uses some of the ideas from chess and from draughts and was, in the words of its inventor, George S. Parker, “the best game in 2000 years”!

    There are ‘men’ (pawns) and ‘knights’. Basic movement is like the King in chess, and capturing is more like draughts.

    The GOAL is to place two pieces in the last two squares of your opponent’s side of the board (the CASTLE).

  • ECC 2018/19

    Round 3 - to be played by March 5th

    White Player Pts Result Pts Black Player
    Jake Chan (2) ... (2) Tom Thorpe
    Tim Paulden (1.5) ... (1.5)
  • Exeter B (Honey Monsters) win the U600 Graded Trophy, awarded by DCCA President Paul Brooks -- well done Graham, Jos, Brian, and John

  • Exeter A (Honey Badgers) win the top trophy awarded by Paul Brooks, DCCA President -- well done Tim, Tom, Chris and Paul

  • Austro-Hungarian, turned out on a lathe with contrasting finials for Bishops
  • As mentioned by El Presidente on Bubble Blitz night
  • Iceland visiting team 1999(?)
    Centre: Agust Karlsson
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