Exchange Sacrifices

Queen sacrifices

Meanwhile, here are three games from Gandalf which explore the wilder shores of compensation for a Queen (83,84,85)


By the way...

Tom and Richard were having a look at this game:

And Richard reckons he would have played 25.Nxb5!?

Can't imagine Miles overlooked it, but what made him choose something else?  Fritz rather fancies Richard's idea... Any thoughts?

Tactics: combinations and blunders

Preparation for Combinations

Peter Lane, 26th May 1998

"Combinative vision manifests itself at an early age, and children are quick to notice and execute combinations which chance to turn up. Preparing combinations, however, is more difficult for them." -- ZAK, Improve your chess results.


Solving Tactical Problems

Visualization/Analysis in Chess

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>... how does a good chess player calculate mentally, ie, 
>what is the mental process by which he/she "sees" many moves ahead??

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