Mate with Two Bishops

Mate is possible with two Bishops against a bare King.


Nearly Finished: lessons from the chess endgame

[First published in The Vacuum]


MiddleGame Endings and Endgame Openings

How to mate with Bishop and Knight

Exchanging into King Endings

Winning a drawn endgame

Two weaknesses

Ruy Lopez, Exchange Variation: White wins

Rook Endings in Theory

Rook Endings in Practice

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Chess Quotes

I have a quote I would like to share by an average tournament player.

  After 3 dismal rounds, losing to three lower-rated players, he withdraws from the January Swiss. He appears an hour later, I asked him what brings you back. He states:

"I not only lost my shirt at this tournament, but I left my coat as well."
— David LENHART: dalen@delphi.com