Mate with Two Bishops

Mate is possible with two Bishops against a bare King.


Nearly Finished: lessons from the chess endgame

[First published in The Vacuum]


MiddleGame Endings and Endgame Openings

How to mate with Bishop and Knight

Exchanging into King Endings

Winning a drawn endgame

Two weaknesses

Ruy Lopez, Exchange Variation: White wins

Rook Endings in Theory

Rook Endings in Practice

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Chess Quotes

[cool blue cat says:]

COOL TIP: What does Reti mean? He was one of the strongest players of his day, but surely grandmasters are superb calculators! Yes, they are, but often they do not need to calculate something from scratch, because they recognise the type of position they are in, and they know what to play in that sort of position. All the calculating has been done before by someone else, and once you are shown how it works, you can use it and apply it in your own games.
— Dr. Dave.