Queen against Pawn

Mate with the Two Bishops

General advice on the endgame

A Rook Ending: Capablanca-Janowsky

Bishop Endgames

Double Bishop Endgames

Studies and problems

[This simple introduction is probably redundant because there are now some good problems and studies sites.

  Characters that clearly like problems include the folks at Chess Cafe, Cornel Pacurar (who has a links page), Ian Gent, Vincent van der Bilt and

Outside passed Pawns

Planning in the endgame

Minor Piece Endgames

The minor pieces are bishop and knight (and the major ones are rook and queen).  They are of roughly equal value (3 pawns, we often say), but have such different powers of movement that they have very different uses in the endgame.

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Chess Quotes

"A discussion between the top management of the firm Audi and grandmasters Darga, Schmid and Pfleger dealt with the similarities and differences between chess-oriented thinking and the thinking processes required in business, and in particular whether one can benefit from the other. The question arose as to how a chess master actually discovers his moves. Dr. Pfleger was of the opinion that in the last analysis nobody fully knows the reasoning by which he arrives at a certain move.
— PFLEGER and TREPPNER, Chess: the mechanics of the mind