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Exeter Chess Club Centenary Simul 1996

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Meat and potatoes

Compensation for material?

Mostly, situations of material imbalance are fairly clear. Typically extra material wins: even with an otherwise level position, the extra firepower can make an attack pay, or make the opponent's defences overstretched.

  Occasionally, normal material values are overturned. This is most obvious in situations of sacrifice: the mutual possibilities of exchange sacrifices Rh1xNh5 and ...Rc7xNc3 in the Sicilian Dragon are well-known, if not always easy to judge. The sacrifices remove a key defender and open lines against the King.


Is there luck in chess?

Lessons from Rubinstein

Lessons from Capablanca

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Excuses for losing

This is what started it all:
Excuses for losing
Dan Scoones wrote:
Here is my off-the-cuff top ten list:

  1. Dog ate scoresheet;
  2. Dead batteries in hidden transmitter;
  3. Went outside for fresh air, forgot about tournament;
  4. Disturbed by own reflection in opponent's sunglasses;
  5. Still despondent over 1964 death of Fred Reinfeld;
  6. Inexplicably confused ECO A29 line 13 note 87c with ECO A13
    line note 87c; lost queen;
  7. Unlucky pairing with historical nemesis G. Kasparov;
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Chess Quotes

"Mikhail Gromov, the outstanding Soviet pilot, wrote that if one wants to become a good pilot one must learn the art of self-control. These words may apply equally to chess and to every chessplayer."
— VB Malkin