Comment on Poe's view of chess

Barry Wood wrote a piece on this, reprinted in _Reinfeld's Treasury of Chess Lore_.

He suggests (I paraphrase), read Poe's passage.

Now say to yourself: "Poe has only just learned to play chess, and is still unsure of the moves of the pieces".

Read it over again.

Does that fit? Chess is like driving a car, after a bit you don't notice the gear changes and so on, you just enjoy the drive. Poe is still struggling with 'which one's the clutch again?'.

Shakespeare annotates

Pinched wholemeal (as opposed to piecemeal) from Irving Chernev.
"In a book called Chesslets, by Dr. J. Schumer, all the games are annotated by quotations from various writers.


  Here is one of the games, with comments by Shakespeare:"

-- CHERNEV, Wonders and curiosities of chess

(27) Atkins - Saunders [E90]

  Stratford-Upon-Avon, 1925



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The mind of a Grandmaster

Not Safe For Work. Or Juniors. Or the Faint of Heart. Proceed at your own risk...

Checkmate? Shah mat!

What I know about chess

[to be read aloud slowly to a group after a year's practice... or give them a copy to mark]

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Chess is a fun game and easy to learn.  You play on a board of 164 squares, which are coloured light and dark, and there are two armies, one black and grey.  The rows are called ranks and the columns are called officers.

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"If you have any doubt what to study, study endgames. Openings teach you openings. Endings teach you chess."
— Stephan GERZADOWICZ, Thinker's Chess.