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Last Chance Saloon 2014 - Megafinal Qualifier

I hope your school runs a Chess Challenge competition this Spring, and I hope you qualify! But if one of those things is not true, there is always the...



UK Schools Chess Challenge
9:30am Saturday 10th May at Bowhill School, Exeter, EX4 1JT
ENTRY FEE £9.00 (please make cheques payable to DJCA)

Games that are almost but not entirely unlike chess

The replacement of pieces in Exchange Chess reminds me of the game of
Japanese Chess, properly called Shogi, the generals' game. The flat
pieces are marked with kanji characters that are confusing for most people
brought up with the Roman alphabet, but I do own a German-made version
of the game which uses pieces marked with their powers of movement.

Exchange Chess

The U14s were mad keen to play Exchange Chess all day, and lobbied for a competition...

Junior Chess: New Year round-up

December: Prize list for Devon Junior Chess Championships:

January: New Devon Junior grades are out!

Proposed U14 Training Day: Sat 1st February, Exeter.
Details tba.


Problems worthy
of attack
prove their worth
by hitting back
– Piet Hein

Exeter Club Championship & Rapidplay Tournament 2012-2013

Going back in time

This page happened because I wanted a place to store these positions,
but my well-behaved chess databases refuse to do things like
accept a position without a King (see below).

For example, I have had trouble entering this one on a database:


Mate in ONE (Fischer [not that one]).


Proof games


What is the shortest series of legal moves leading to this position?

as-Suli's Diamond

From Wikipedia (English):
The problem called "as-Suli's Diamond" went unsolved for over a thousand years. In shatranj, the "queen" (counsellor) is a very weak piece, able to move only a single square diagonally. It is also possible to win in shatranj by capturing all pieces except the king.

as-Suli commented:

“This ancient position is so difficult that there is no one in the world who would be able to solve it, except those I have taught to do so. I doubt whether anyone did this before me.

Trip timing

Dr.Dave's Twitter feed: for updates on trip timing
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Chess Quotes

"The older I grow, the more I value Pawns."
— -- KERES