Two from the top and the rest small, please Carol

Penny dropped: it's the Countdown numbers game!

There's a special captain's treat that I save for myself, which is picking the teams for the Peter Rooke Cup. I'm after the best team of 8 players for the matches from the available pool, who together are inside the grading limit of 1120 (formerly 1000).

After some fiddling with a spreadsheet, I managed to hit exactly the limit of 1120 this year, one chap dropped out, then the closest I could get was 1119, which is still pretty good.

Then today our opponents cancelled because of Weather, so I have to start again...

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Occasionally, two unconnected bits of the world collide in the space between my ears, which can make me laugh.

I don't know if Nigel Short still refers to Judit Polgar as 'Lassie'.

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Please don't hold me to these, I will change my mind tomorrow... and I know the Hon Menshes are massively cheating, but I saw no reason to obey my own rules about doing batches of ten. The games and most of the annotations can be found in the PGN block on this page.

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"Chess is 99% tactics"

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