Exeter & District League - Results 2013/14

League results (updated 14/05/2014)

Premiership (Grading limit 640)

29/10/2013: Exeter Rooks 1.5-2.5 Exeter Bishops     [T Paulden drew with G Body; D Regis beat S Pope; P Dobber lost to C Keen; T Bonds lost to J Waley]

12/11/2013: Exeter Bishops 1-3 Newton Abbot     [P Medina lost to S Homer; G Body drew with T Thynne; A Frangleton drew with A Kinder; C Keen lost to W Taylor]

12/03/2014: Tiverton Titans 1.5-2.5 Newton Abbot     [I Annetts drew with S Homer; K Atkins beat A Brusey; J Knowles lost to W Taylor; S Thorpe-Tracey lost to V Ramesh]

Exeter & District League - Results 2011/12

League results (updated 27/06/2012)

Premiership (Grading limit 640)

10/01/2012: Exeter Rooks 2-2 Exeter Bishops

18/01/2012: Met Office 2-2 Tiverton Mates

21/02/2012: Exeter Bishops 1.5-2.5 Tiverton Mates

01/03/2012: Met Office 1-3 Exmouth Kings

07/03/2012: Tiverton Mates 2-2 Exeter Rooks

21/03/2012: Exmouth Kings 3.5-0.5 Exeter Bishops

28/03/2012: Exmouth Kings 2-2 Tiverton Mates

03/04/2012: Exeter Rooks 4-0 Exmouth Kings

24/04/2012: Exeter Bishops 3-1 Met Office

An invitation to all present and past members

I've just transferred the book 100-odd years of Exeter Chess Club to its new online home. It's now more than 10 years since it was published, and most of the members who contributed so much to that book with stories and favourite games are no longer with us.

On the other hand, we have had a whole new generation of members join us, one or two ex-members might have found us again and we have all had another decade to have new adventures and play new games. In its new online format, we can add and edit material as often as we like.

Exeter Junior Chess Club blog

We'll post here all the latest news from Exeter Junior Chess Club


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