It's happened ... Nullius In Vebsites

I was updating my series on the world Champions, following Ding Liren's accession to the throne, and did a little due diligence digging around the Internet, as I'm a little out of touch these days.

I came across what looked like a helpful summary on a website which gave a not-very-interesting career summary and cited a few games.


To my shame, I didn't recognise any of the games at all.

Top tip

To toggle the user medal marker in ChessBase on a Win10 laptop, and you don't have a numeric keypad with a plus key, you can use PowerToys' Keyboard Manager to assign something like 'backtick' to 'plus key' a Perl script to convert FEN chess positions to human-readable diagrams 1.0

A Perl script for converting FEN position notation into a human-readable
8x8 chessboard diagram (or rather, a 10x10 diagram useable with the
Alpine typefaces, Linares/Hastings/Zurich).

It's not pretty but it's useful and it works. Developed after
discovering no obvious way to get diagrams into printable game
annotations on an Ubuntu system.

[I expect there is some alternative magic involving TeX but it was beyond
my skills and patience.]


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