The Deadly English

by Chris Bellers

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Minority attack?

Actually, I am. There comes a point (about 150) when the serious threat represented by a minority attack becomes a realistic game plan. And at master level, there is a school of thought that suggests the best way to win with the Queen's Gambit Declined as White is to play the minority attack in the Exchange Variation. I can remember several Swiss tournaments where Keith Arkell ground out a couple of his valuable wins using this line, without apparent effort. The other classic setting for the minority attack is the Sicilian Defence, and Pal Benko has been a great exponent of this winning

The Closed Sicilian

The Closed Sicilian 
Chris Bellers, 1995
An Exeter Chess Club booklet


Introduction    1
The Closed Sicilian with 6...e5 7. Nh3  2
Holland-Whiteley, 1995  2
Crickmore-Bellers 1983  3
Variation with 6...e5 7. Nh3 exf4       4
Variation with 6...e5 7. Nf3    4
Further examples for study:     5
White cannot castle Queen's-side into Black's counterplay       5
Jackson - Regis, Plymouth-Exeter, 1993  5
White's f4 may block squares for the Knight and dark-squared bishop     5
Smyslov - Botvinnik, Moscow, 1954       5


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