Lessons from Morphy

  Morphy is probably the best player for the beginning player to study. Alas there are precious few games to go on, for he lived before the growth in international tournaments and was denied a match by Staunton.


  Morphy more or less perfected the art of winning in open games: smooth, fast development, opening up lines for the attack, dynamic piece play throughout the game, ruthless cashing in of advantages, wonderfully imaginative combination play. Even against inferior opposition he plays with great energy and balance.


Moller Attack

From D.Regis@exeter.ac.uk  Mon Dec  2 13:33:20 1996
Subject: Re: Guioco Piano notes
To: lorda@boat.bt.com (Andrew Lord)
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 13:33:18 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Andrew

> I've just got addicted to chess 

Sympathy: there is no cure...

> I'm stuck on a problem with a Guiuco Piano line. I got as far 
> as:
> 1. e4 e5
> 2. Nf3 Nc6
> 3. Bc4 Bc5
> 4. c3 Nf6
> 5. d4 exd4
> 6. cxd4 Bb4+
> 7. Nc3 Nxe4
> 8. 0-0 BxN
> 9. d5

The Ulvestad Variation of the Two Knights' Defence

From minkler@buffnet.net Sat May 4 03:51:23 1996

Subject: The Dreaded Fried Liver attack ....

[Impertinent editorial note: I think the Fried Liver Attack should refer to only the line 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. Ng5 d5 5. exd5 Nxd5 6. Nxf7, but here my esteemed correspondent means the line with 4. Ng5 - Dr.Dave]

  In my quest at becoming a better player (USCF 1360) I was constantly faced with the Fried Liver attack as black. After losing


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