Computer Resources

pIsh provided a welcome list of computer programmes that he has found useful:/p pfree copy of Rybka 2 : a href="" / br / free version of Fritz 5: a href="" / And Winboard: a href="" / br / Simon Waters also likes SCID (a href="" /aalthough the current maintainer is in a deeply unlovely dispute (a href="" with a fork of SCID which is ChessBD a href=""(a href="" title="", which suggests to me that you might be better off with / /p pJonathan Morgan also recommends for opening training:/p pre wrap=""the software i mentioned is chess position trainer and can be downloaded at:br /br /a class="moz-txt-link-freetext" href="" /br /help section and the videos that they have on the site (and free sample repertoires -- DR)./pre Any more?nbsp; Eric Bentzen has a list: a href="" / Once I've got a top ten I can offer some /