Biggest hat-tip in the world to Simon Waters for getting this baby afloat on his tame Drupal server, and thanks also to Tim P for fixing some tiresome CSS.

Argh 2006

Equally enormous hat-tip to Tryfon Gavriel of for finding a place for us to shelter when Exeter University went through a bout of indigestion.

Sadly, one of the consequences of moving from Exeter University was dropping a couple of files behind the back of the monitor, and to my regret one of those files was the credits list. Some years on from establishing the site there, my recollection is mainly that the list of people I should thank is legion, but sadly my memory isn't up to reconstructing exactly who. So, to all those people over the years who:

  • helped me crack the task of making diagrams automatically, especially Andy Duplain, who enhanced his already-wonderful utility CBASCII for me so that through the magic of Un*x I could create little 8x8 diagrams for all my webpages.
  • read a pre-release draft of the site, especially jud
  • variously:
    • answered my questions on*
    • found games or positions for me
    • pointed out my many errors of notation, HTML hacking, chess understanding, etc. etc
    • sent me kind e-mails, and especially
    • made a contribution of games quotes or ides all, my sincere thanks. Couldn't have done it without you.

Website policies

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