Devon Junior Exchange Chess championship 2016

This inagural event (as far as we know) was attended by 6 pairs of
contestants on Saturday 4th June at the end of half-term.

6th (and best performance by team one of who had never played Exchange chess before) Charles Brock and Oscar Brooks-Feller
3rd= (best performance by team who hadn't met before) Michael Hodgkinson & Fletcher Thompson
2/5 (best performance by all-primary-school team) Ethan Hwang and Charlie Hill
(best performance by a team with Zak in it) Zak Cash and Oscar Wright
2nd 4/5 (best performance by the youngest player, unbeaten personally) Nicky Bacon & Benny Bacon
1st 5/5 (with a 100% score) Ben Sanders-Wyatt and Ben Sturt

Many congratulations to the two senior Bens and indeed the junior Ben.

I hope we can attract a few more players to this fun and friendly event next year; I'll try and avoid half-term.