The Devon U14 Chess team

The Devon U14 Team does battle each year against other teams from the West of England and South Wales. I have been providing a bit of feedback on their games over the while, and the collected comments are below. They're a sort of battle manual for junior chess, and I hope everyone will find something to help their chess here. There is a list of topics underneath and a list of tips at the back of most booklets. If you read a tip and don't understand it, look up the position in the booklet. Any questions? Drop me a line or sign up and comment underneath.


u14_2019.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2019
A. Steinitz’ Law & Dr.Dave’s advice
B. Practise your disco moves
C. Country moves
D. Endgames to watch
E. Good and bad traps
F. An exchange is probably better for somebody
G. Play proper openings (not Old Stodge)
u14_2018.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2016
A. Don't make any silly mistakes
B. Play proper Openings
C. Be careful about swaps!
D. Chess is a team game
E. Endgames worth looking at
F. Resigning
u14_2017.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2016
Silly mistakes
Proper openings
Old Stodge, Two Knights
Writing down moves
u14_2016.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2016
Attack and defence
King and pawn endgames
Sit on your hands
Proper openings
u14_2015.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2015
Being pushy
Ruy Lopez, French Exchange, Two Knights, Philidor
u14_2014.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2014
Chess and mistakes
Pawns and planning - Isolated Queen's Pawns
The Blackmar-Diemer Gambit
u14_2013.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2013
Openings: Colle, Scandinavian, Danish, Hypermodern, QG Accepted&Slav
Blunder-proofing your game
Stop trying to win, and win!
Playing for traps
u14_2012.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2012
Openings: Bishop's Opening, and the Caro-Kann and King's Indian defences
A basic opening repertoire
Listen to the pawns
Opposite-coloured Bishops
u14_2011.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2011
With guest appearance from Devon's top player Dominic Mackle!
Openings: Petroff and Philidor Defences (and another rant about Old Stodge)
A basic opening repertoire
Spotting tactics
u14_20043.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2004
Openings: Old Stodge [Giuoco Pianissimo], Sicilian Defence, French Defence, Queen's Gambit, Queen's Pawn Game without c4, King's Gambit, Scotch Game and Gambit
Clockwork attacks, Pawns, What to swap
u14_2005b.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2005
Openings: Two Knights', French Defence, Scotch Game, Queen's Game and Gambit, King's Gambit, Sicilian Defence, Old Stodge
Blunder-proofing, Endgames
u14_2006.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2006
Openings: Time-wasting, Italian Game&Old Stodge, French Defence, Queen's Gambit Declined
Planning, Tactics
u14_2007.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2007
Openings: General Opening Principles, Ruy Lopez
Swapping, Basic Tactics&Nets, Endgame passed pawns
u14_2008.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2008
Openings: Queen's Gambit, French Defence, Sicilian, Four Knights, Stonewall
Swapping off in the endgame, Choosing a move, Tactics: discoveries, Queen sacrifices, Playing with a plan
u14_2009.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2009
Openings: General Principles, Old Stodge, Italian Game, Sicilian, Queen's Gambit, Ruy Lopez, Scandinavian Defence,
Tactics Advice, Strategy Advice, Thinking, Self-analysis
u14_2010.pdf U14 Jamboree games with comments 2010
Openings: Old Stodge&London System, Double King-Pawn Opening, Semi-Open Games, Queen's Gambit, Unusual Openings
Blunders, Tactics exercises, Strategy Advice
Endgames: win when you're winning, Endgame theory

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