Exeter 1½-4½ Exmouth 22 Feb 2014

Exeter 1½-4½ Exmouth 22 Feb 2014

Boyne (B) 197 0-1 186 Stephens (W)
Regis 180 1-0 176 Underwood
Marjoram 140 0-1 158 Wensley
Palmer 133 ½-½ 158 Gosling
Amos 129 0-1 140 Scott
Finch 97 0-1 140 Murray

Another match marked by enterprise, with early spirit shown by Oliver
Wensley's Bxf7+ in the Scotch Gambit and Brian Gosling's Queen sacrifice
which secured three minor pieces for her majesty. Jonathan Underwood's
very early pawn sacrifice was more the product of blindness than dash,
but he got good chances for it in the end, and Steve Murray's two
missing pawns were also compensated by activity and development.

Will Marjoram lost too much material defending the King and was the
visitors' first victim. "Super-subs" Eddie Palmer and Taylor Finch
looked to have at least a draw each with extra material, but Black's
busy pieces eventually got the better of Taylor. Dave Regis and Chris
Scott each took advantage of an oversight in the third hour of play.
Meanwhile, in a high-stakes double-pawn sacrifice line of the French
Winawer, Andy Boyne looked to have plenty of play but John Stephens
managed to swap and split the enemy forces just before the time control.

Thanks to all for turning out - better luck next time!