Exeter 1½-4½ Newton Abbot (HOME) Sat 25th Jan 2014

Exeter 1½-4½ Newton Abbot Sat 25th Jan 2014

Regis, David 0-1 John Fraser
Marjoram, William 0-1 Nijad Rahimli
Earnshaw, Terry V ½-½ Trefor Thynne
Palmer, Edward John 1-0 Andrew Kinder
Bonds, Thomas S 0-1 Nathan Mills
Finch, Taylor 0-1 John Allen

Exeter 1½-4½ Newton Abbot

A couple of rather under-strength teams met today with Newton Abbot
running out clear winners in a match featuring much enterprising
sacrificial play. Tom Bonds' King's Gambit was met with some robust
tactical ripostes that gave the visitors an early win. Will's
Bogo-Indian then fell to a smooth Queen's-side attack leaving the home
side with a mountain to climb. Base camp was established by Eddie
Palmer' Rook endgame when Andrew Kinder got nothing from his Morra
Gambit, and young Taylor Finch calmly absorbed all the pressure in a
Blackmar-Diemer Gambit and looked to be nicely on top. However, a bit of
judo from John Allen turned it around, and after Dave Regis followed an
uncharacteristic Exchange sacrifice with the rather more characteristic
loss of a piece, the remaining game was declared stodged up beyond
redemption and the draw gave our guests a handsome victory.

Games may follow.