Exeter 2-4 Tiverton (AWAY) Sun 1st Nov 2015

Exeter 2-4 Tiverton (AWAY) Sun 1st Nov 2015

190 Lorenz Hartmann (W) 0-1 Jack Rudd 216
185 Tim Paulden (B) ½-½ Mike Richardt 187
180 David Regis 1-0 Kevin Hurst 183
179 Christopher Lowe ½-½ Brian Hewson 176
155 Matthew Best 0-1 Simon Bartlett 167
131 Piet Dobber 0-1 Ivor Annetts 153

Negotiations about the date seemed endless, but it was all decided
quickly on the day we visited Tiverton in our first Bremridge League

On top board, White played with ambition but not so much coordination
against the Semi-Slav, and allowed a quick Bd6-e5 trapping the Rook in
the corner. The opening on Board 2 rapidly fizzled out with exchanges,
while on bottom board Black allowed Qh2-h8 mate before move 20, leaving
Exeter facing defeat.

New signing Matt Best regarded Black's fianchetto to decline the Morra
as less of a novelty than an old friend, it being a speciality of his dad!
He quickly won a pawn on c6, giving up the light-squared Bishop to do
so, but after a slip found Black's minor pieces crawling all over the
central light squares, creating mayhem in their wake, and giving the
home team the match before the clock had struck four.

Chris regarded 2.c4 with relish, having expected something much
stodgier from home captain Hewson, and essayed a Budapest Gambit, which
was met with a straight bat and some simplifications. White tried to
tease in a Rook and Bishop endgame, but got nowhere.

After the match defeat was confirmed, Dave offered a draw, but his
opponent was happy to play on. After what can best be described as a
fluctuating struggle (computer evaluations bounced up and down between
+2 and -7, setlling at zero), both players missed the best moves in time
trouble, and Black just failed to make move 40. ea