Exeter Juniors 1-3 Exeter School 22nd May 2015

Exeter Juniors 1-3 Exeter School 22nd May 2015

default 0-1 Leif HAFSTAD
Ethan HWANG 1-0 Henry COLEMAN
Felix WATTS 0-1 Redmond COLEMAN

In a close match, where many of the players relied for support on a
mysterious brown elixir, the visiting team had an early boost when the
home team top board didn't arrive.

It looked as though the home team was going to score a rapid equaliser
when a mate-in-one appeared on board 3, but the opportunity passed by.
The material balance wobbled several times before Redmond found a
back-rank mate later in the game.

Some excellent aggressive play from both sides on board 4 was also
brought to a close when Nick spotted a snap mate.

In the best game of the match, Henry tripled down the e-file, pinning
down all of Black's pieces. Ethan then sent his Queen off in search of
counterplay, but it became cut off from the e-file, whence White could
have delivered the fatal blow. But the Queen proved distracting
enough, and gradually Black unhooked the pin and exchanged off
into a Rook endgame. White then allowed a Rook exchange when Black had
a distant passed pawn, and the home team finally scored a point.

Games to follow.