Form and content

How form can affect your appreciation of content

From: Keith Gardner 
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 03:41:00 -0400

Subject: HTML/WWW

You seem to be greatly opposed to browsers such as Netscape and MS IE. I would have to agree Im still waiting for them to fix a few details with Java and HTML issues, which will probably not come about until 5.0 (hopefully without taking over the operating system). I would have to say that your website was unattractive, unnavigatable, and unreadable with the way it was organized. The only place you used a table, you ruined it with the
tacky borders.
The blink tag, the most hated, was also used by you. LYNX is for 9600 bps modems and VT100 terminals. Do people actually used these for surfing the web still? Minimium requirements for the web is usually HTML 3.2 for the present day. At one time about 2 years ago I was advent in designing web sites that would be enhanced for all the browsers including AOL HTML. Nowdays, I am trying to figure out how to change the border setting for text fields in the X11R6 stuff that Netscape scraped into their Java Virtual Machine so that we can expand web-based client-server applications to support those slow, unreliable Sun Sparc20s. Anyway, dont look for a job in desktop publishing. You might could write man pages for UNiX, if you actually have the free time to learn that cryptic markup language that I forgot the archaic cryptic thing they called it (nroff or something). Anyway, looks like a lot of great content, too bad it didnt have form.
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