How to get better at chess

Advice from our juniors for juniors:

Things to do


Things to know

practice - especially in holidays

learn from your mistakes

analyse your own games (maybe, think about why you lost)


Beginners: Keep trying

Beginners: Play people better than you

never give up -- sometimes give up (never give up -- because even when you're winning by loads you can still end up in stalemate)

Never thrash people -- Always thrash people (thrash might mean 'beat' or 'beat easily')

Think about moves before you play them


Experienced players: Don't be arrogant

Things to know

How to play chess

Moves of all the pieces

What the pieces are worth

How to check and checkmate

Things like the books - but simpler on the web

Openings - best moves

The Sam Opening (1.e4 2.Nf3 3.d4)

Mortimer's Trap - with board

Finishing off - Rook and King vs. King


Improving players: Get your pieces out quickly

Improving players: Get control of the centre

Improving players: choose the White side

Improving players: Every piece matters


Experienced players: Know all the openings

Experienced players: Endgames - finishing off