Mate in Two

Oliver and Leo had a go at this one, a favourite of mine:


Over to you!

Need some help?

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Some points for starters:

If the Knight and Bishop move, that's checkmate, and in fact, no other mate in two seems possible.

Those are 8 black Pawns about to Queen, however.

So, move the Bishop somewhere, say, 1. Be6, to prevent the black King escaping.

Now, 1...a1Q 2.Na6#

And even 1...c1Q 2.Nc6# and 1...e1Q 2.N any #

But if Black promotes another pawn, it might be mate, but not in two.

So, just pick up the Knight, pretend you've moved it somewhere.

Now, after all but one Black promotion, White mates by parking the Bishop on that file, stopping the Queen block.

That should tell you where to move the Knight...

And of course, 1...Kg8 2.Be6#